Stuyveseant Park

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it’s gonna be legen-wait for it- dary!

So um I’m listening to my old favorite song from middle school hurt with nine inch nails and um I’m really feeling the lyrics again help this is not good cause last time it all went to hell


"good luck with the seven wonders"

yea stevie that sure fucking helped a lot didn’t it

Lily Rabe at the Steel Magnolias final performance (July 31th 2005)

Anonymous whispered: Hey! What do you mean with "soon" regarding Redemption Trail? Will you get it on DVD? Or is the movie going to be shown at your local theater?

Hey! Neither. But 2014 the movie is gonna be more widely spread/shown. So I’m hoping for a chance to see it!

Anonymous whispered: Have you done any gifs from the Redemption Trail trailer? The movie title was changed to Beyond Redemption on the official Facebook. I hope it actually comes to DVD or even theaters.

Hi! Yes I have done a gifset of it. Check the redemption trail tag on my blog, I have all my edits on it. :) I really hope so too!


American Horror Story: Coven - First and last lines [x]

Anonymous whispered: COULD you make like a wordpress or a blogspot or a blog of some sorts with your writing? You seem like such a good person, I'm sure people would want to read your posts. Please?

Hm. You’re not the first person asking me but I doubt people would want to read it. A blog seems like a big responsibility. I wouldn’t know where to blog or what to call the blog. Maybe if someone could help me out with a name and a blog platform. I can’t promise anything but I’m super flattered.

I guess I’m looking for name suggestions. Is wordpress better than blogspot? And what do you want me to write about?